ShaKeyLead’s Story

ShaKeyLead was established in 2020 as a separate company from Adanic –it’s parent company, with a long history in delivering financial and banking products- with the aim of providing service-oriented solutions instead of the product-oriented approach.

The first cornerstone of ShaKeyLead was laid with the idea of developing remote authentication services. The first ShaKeyLead cloud solution, which was developed to authenticate stock market users, gained the approval of banks and brokerages in the early 2021, leading to activation in 12 banks and brokerages, i.e. about 30% of the market share of Iran in this area.

But ShaKeyLead’s overall vision, which is to make life easier for the public, comes closer to its goal with the idea of creating opportunities to benefit all individuals. Therefore, the provision of General Online Authentication service, so-called “” was proposed in 2021, and developed and implemented by giving priority to larger areas of public transactions such as the municipality and the judiciary. This service is now available in particular for financial and payment, and also for all other businesses that require customer authentication in general.

ShaKeyLead’s other solution is a mobile signature application (coming together with a web panel), called “”, which by overlapping with the concept of authentication in the area of digital identity, is one of the basic needs in replacing face-to-face interactions with the online ones. in addition to facilitating the process of obtaining a legal signature certificate – in cooperation with trusted CAs – by providing this process all online on a mobile phone, now it is possible to sign documents and contracts on a smartphone (with a QES) and also send files to intended signees through the signature web panel.

ShaKeyLead enables businesses to perform authentication and signature of intended stakeholders using online authentication solutions as well as QES (Qualified Digital Signature), quickly and securely. Which in turn gives users a much smoother and a more engaging experience.

ShaKeyLead’s opportunity in collaborating with eager and young taelnts, has created an opening to take advantage of those brilliant ideas while applying new methods, as well as an agile approach in managing and developing solutions.

 ShaKeyLead is interested in achieving its long-term goals – which are to make life easier for everyone – by attracting more fresh and talented individuals. Ready to join us? Apply here