Frequently asked questions

Emzame Application

Emzame is an application that can be installed on your mobile phone, through which you can request your legal digital certificate, and once the certificate is issued, you can sign the documents in a legal and traceable manner.

You can download the Emzam app and install it on your mobile phone by referring to the downloads section in the site menu and entering the application download page.

Digital Signature Certificate

Digital signature is one of the relatively old methods in the world of technology, to ensure the authenticity and integrity of documents and information.

 In this method, a corresponding key pair called public key and private key is used. These two keys are mathematically related. In this way, if you sign a text with one of the keys (for example, a private key), it can only be verified with the corresponding key (public key). The important point is that if someone gains access to your public key, they will not be able to find the private key by that. This is proved by mathematical equations. This way, if you already know a person’s public key, you can easily verify any document or file signed by their private key.

A digital signature certificate is a legal certificate that is issued by the root CAs after filling in the required forms and authentication of the person; through which, one can sign texts and contracts with their digital signature (private key assigned to them).

Digital certification is recognized as one of the safest and most accepted ways of expressing and proving digital identity today. The important point is that this tool can be used in a similar way to identify and authenticate humans and machines and systems, and in combination with biometric features, is the safest and most undeniable method that technology has reached to date.

With a digital signature certificate, you can sign documents and contracts online through a signature application or a token from other CAs.

Digital signature has three important and distinctive features from other alternative methods such as using a password or PIN or SMS password:

1. Authenticity: You can be sure that the person who signed the document is the person who should be.

3. Integrity: You can be sure that the signed document is exactly what it was from the beginning and no manipulation or change has occurred.

3. Non-repudiation: The person who signed the document cannot deny it.

The answer to this question is yes in many countries, including Iran.

There are currently several applications of digital signature in the Iranian business environment:

1. Headquarters system (Government e-Procurement)

2. Submitting tax returns and value added tax

3. Large commercial communication network (Shabab)

4. The banking system

5. Possibility of signing internal and external contracts with digital signature (currently in use in several companies contracting with Shakeylead)